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Bird Watching

Bird watching is a favorite pastime of many Angell Cove Cottage guests. One can watch osprey and eagles soar and even fight over a fish. Listen to the many call of the loons and watch as they care for their young as the little ones often catch a ride on Mamma's back.  Along with many species of water foul. The Great Blue Heron can be seen in the marsh areas of the lake or nesting high in a tree top. As you walk through our many groomed hiking trails you will view many species of wood peckers including the elusive Pileated Woodpecker with his distinctive call and large wing span.You will also view where he has diligently left holes in trees in his search for insects. In the morning one will wake to the sounds of the song birds, last but not least the hoot of an owl at night. We have a variety of owls in our area. Contact our office to learn more about yearly bird watching events that take place on our property or if you would like to host a bird watching event at our facilties.

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