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About Angell Cove Cottages

Our History

In 1971 Richard and Barbara Angell bought a 50 acre piece of paradise and proceeded to raise their four children there with the vision that when the children were grown and Richard, a marine chief engineer, retired they would build a recreational leisure cottage facility and share this pristine private location on an inland lake in south central Maine with the rest of the world.

In 1991 the materialization of their vision began with the construction of the first four cottages all built with a lot of caring and love. Two years later two more cottages were added to the complex. This is where the story of Angell Cove has a sad note as Richard Angell was taken too soon and did not see the completion of Angell Cove. Barbara has fulfilled the dream with the completion of the project with the construction of the last three cottages. We strive to keep Angell Cove in pristine condition and in harmony with mother nature at the same time. Barbara has had the support of her four children and now grand children and great grandchildren . For a memorable vacation we cordially invite you to spend it at Angell Cove Cottages.


Androscoggin Lake boasts of some of the finest bass fishing in Maine. It is not uncommon to real in a 5lb. small mouth and large mouth bass are abundant. If you like to fish for Brown trout the seven mile long lake has its deep holes and a white buck tail fly will bring its rewards. Androscoggin Lake has numerous brooks that add to a fisherman's enjoyment. Perch and pickerel are fun for both kids and adults to catch.

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